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5 Creative Ways to Decorate Classroom Bulletin Board 

In recent years, the Classroom bulletin board has become a popular and powerful education tool across all teaching and learning centers. Most of these bulletin boards attract students’ attention, especially those in lower classes. 

While having a classroom bulletin board may look normal, it plays critical functions in imparting knowledge to learners, enhancing communication, and boasting their creativity.  

Many educational organizations use the classroom bulletin board to effectively communicate with learners and reinforce knowledge. A lot of information is conveyed using classroom bulletin boards and complements other teaching methods, ensuring the lesson is productive and lively.  

Memorizing images on the display board is a better way to master the content than listening to the teacher. However, the classroom bulletin board does not substitute the role of a teacher in the classroom. 

Learners love beautiful classes and attractive aesthetics. Therefore, decorating learning environments to make them attractive and engaging will further stir students’ creativity and morale to read.  

This article will explore five creative ways you can implement to decorate classroom bulletin boards to capture learners’ attention and enhance the learning atmosphere. 

1. Use Border rolls 

A well-designed classroom bulletin board will likely capture the learners’ attention and stimulate curiosity due to its compelling visual appeal and aesthetic.  

Using border rolls can be an excellent way to decorate the bulletin board and improve its visuals.  

Border rolls come in different shades, patterns, and various designs. Therefore, you can choose the perfect design and color that will resonate with the theme of the bulletin board, curriculum, and classroom. For instance, you might select a nature-inspired theme with border rolls featuring colorful flowers or trees.  

Apart from the aesthetic beauty added by the border rolls, the learners can resonate with the current season and curriculum.  

Incorporating border rolls at the edges and frame of the bulletin board gives it a cohesive classroom look while adding a professional touch to its components. The color splash creates a visual boundary that improves the overall aesthetic of the bulletin board. You can customize different fabrics to create attractive border rolls.  

2. Put Inspirational Quotes 

Every teacher wants positive energy while in the classroom. Some aim to give learners a reason to be happy and appreciate life while being optimistic about their dreams.  

Decorating classroom bulletin boards with inspirational quotes and texts will help motivate and uplift your students while creating a culture of learning in them. To make the board more compelling and attractive: 

Use bright and vibrant colors when writing the quotes. 

Don’t limit yourself to one shade 

Use different fonts or get a cut die cut machine to spell your words in different fonts. 

Apart from using quotes to inspire the students, you can feature a picture of a prominent person who represents the value and characters you want to impart to your students. 

3. Featuring Student’s Work 

This is the simplest yet one of the great ways to decorate a classroom bulletin board. Instead of investing money to buy different colors, stickers, and manila papers, try to staple students’ best projects and artwork on the bulletin board.  

Hanging the projects, artworks, mathematical puzzles, and assignments on the bulletin board will help you create an additional learning area where students can have different perspectives on the projects and homework.  

This peer learning boosts collaboration and enhances their creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills as they read through different projects and solve mathematical puzzles. However, instead of tampering with the board, you can staple ribbons in a crisscrossed pattern and tuck the items beneath the ribbons. This will protect the board from getting damaged. 

4. Bring Nature to Class 

Staying in class the whole day can be draining and tiring sometimes. However, bringing nature to the class will help students unwind and refresh their minds when admiring different flowers, leaves, rocks, and plants on the bulletin board.  

Incorporating these substances on the board will create a compelling classroom visual and bring reality to the class. Interestingly, flowers, leaves, and rocks can be used to study different subjects. This will enable learners to improve content mastery since the learning is practical. They can confirm whatever is written in the textbook or discussed online with real things hence enhancing their creativity and memory retention. 

5. Create On-Board Timeline 

Decorating classroom bulletin boards can be diverse depending on your goals as a teacher. You want the board to be attractive and unique and stand out.  

Creating a timeline of the topics and sub-topics you are supposed to cover in a particular term will help you and the students plan your time well. To make it engaging, involve your students in the entire process.  

Delegate the task and allow them to create an in-depth timeline of every topic. This will help the students in mastering the topics of that semester. Engaging learners will help them develop the art of collaborating and teamwork. While writing the topics, use vibrant and bright shades to make the bulletin board more attractive. 


Considering that students spend a better part of the day in the classroom, making the learning environment visually compelling and friendly for learning to take place effectively is essential. Adding a touch of flair to the classroom bulletin board can go a long way in sparking curiosity and learning interest in students and teachers.  

Additionally, incorporating motivational quotes on the board can play a critical role in raising healthy and determined students who are optimistic about life, giving them hope to live. Motivation can help them get along with peers and, most importantly, get good grades.  

Therefore decorating the classroom bulletin board does not add a touch of beauty alone but also creativity to learners. 

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