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5 Ideas for A Memorable Vacation in Tahiti with Paul Gauguin 

Cruises are common and one of the most preferred forms of vacation by different people, especially those who love sea ventures and ships. You can select many cruise destinations; however, Tahiti stands out due to the amazing tourist and cruise ship vacation destination despite being one of the unique destinations.  

Not all cruises tour this area; one of the best cruises to hop onto for the amazing Tahiti adventures is Paul Gauguin Cruises.   

The cruises are named after the legendary French painter and sculptor with a greater desire and attraction to the island. These cruises focus on offering the best experience for visitors who want to enjoy the Tahiti mystery.  

A perfect island cruise around Tahiti is rich in culture, sea ventures, visits to unique landmarks, and other activities. To enjoy the Tahiti experience, here are some ideas for a perfect vacation to enjoy.  

1. Enjoy the Tahiti Cultural Performance 

Paul Gauguin Cruises redefines vacation by granting visitors endless entertainment focused on the local Tahiti culture. You can join the local dance performance or sit to enjoy the entertainment.  

Some of the most memorable performances on the cruise include Les Gauguin’s singing and dancing and “Tableau Gauguin, “a living art.” The goal is to blend the Tahitian culture with the French culture to enable you to enjoy a memorable cruise stay.  

If you are tired of the entertainment, you can enjoy different cultural-based meals such as Tahiti-based beers and foods on the cruise menu. As the ship docks, you can visit cultural sites, enjoy local black pearl markets, and buy artistic jewelry and photo sessions in memorable landmarks.  

You can also visit the Robert Wan Pearl Museum to discover some of the best pearls ever. The museum also offers a rich history of Tahiti. 

2. Deep Water Ventures 

As the cruise ship docks, you can visit various memorable locations underwater. If you are a marine biologist or enthusiastic about undersea life, this will be your ideal cruise.  

The French lagoon has some memorable underwater scenes where you can spend more time diving and enjoying the scenes. These lagoons have some of the richest and rare aquatic life, such as reef sharks and tropical fish only found in this paradise. Best of all, you get to swim closer to the sea turtles, touch them, and you can bring along your waterproof camera to take some memorable selfies. 

The Paul Gauguin Cruises’ private island, Motu Mahana also involves a scuba diving experience and excursions ideal for visitors to enjoy the aquatic venture. The cruise provides other resources, such as a diving team to take the visitors into the underwater adventure. If you are new to such ventures, you can take refresher courses on the cruise and get some certification for novice training.  

3. Massage and Body Treatment 

A perfect vacation should never miss a perfect massage and spa session. After diving underwater, and dancing to the local culture, you can spend your day at the spa services, calm and relaxed.  

Alternatively, you can go into the spas on a warm day and allow someone to drain away the stress through amazing spa and massage services.  

These spa services are unique to the cruise, such as Tahitian Wave and Monoi Massages by Hei Poi and Bora Bora Deep Blue Massage. Visitor wellness is key for cruise services; the cruise appoints the best masseuse and wellness experts to help you relax and calm as you cruise on the cool and blue waters.  

The greatest massage and spa adventures are the relaxing overwater massages at the Motu Mahana. Some of these services are free to the guests; however, you will pay for some. As you enjoy your vacation, remember to treat your body perfectly.  

4. Romance Ventures 

Going on vacation is memorable; however, going on cruise honeymoons is even better, especially for first-timers. The cruise offers the best experience for honeymoon couples, such as couple massage, dance classes, sea ventures, and many more. If you want to surprise your partner during the upcoming anniversary, the liner got you covered.  

Paul Gauguin Cruises has the renewal of vows or wedding ceremony packages only for couples to enjoy the best experience. You can visit the Motu Mahana private islets or organize a memorable experience and proposal at the glass bottom water chapel at its InterContinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa.  

Couples, lovers, and those in relationships can enjoy a memorable experience on the cruise; hence ideal for someone to propose in some of the most unique and one-of-a-kind environments. Instead of doing things the ordinary way, you can renew your vows, take the vows, and propose the Polynesian Style. 

5. Amazing Tahiti Nights 

Tahiti’s night skies are one of the best night skies one can experience. Spare a night and partake in the special night offered during the voyage. These nights are memorable due to the inclusion of the unique Tahiti flowers and foods. Local mamas come on board and weave heis for women at the night shows. Heis is a flower crown, suitable for queens and accompanied by leis and flower necklaces.  

Local musicians are also involved in cultural games, dances, and other forms of entertainment. Other exclusive fun ventures include couples’ dinners and local foods such as course-by-course Polynesian meals.   


The Tahiti islands have much more to offer, and you can discover this for yourself. As you plan your upcoming Paul Guagu cruise vacation, bring along your partner for a fantastic experience, cultural events, food, and other couples packages. After a whole day of events, you can enjoy amazing spa services or spend the hot afternoons with the sea turtles.  

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