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5 Reasons Why Custom E-Houses Are the Smart Choice for Modern Living

E-houses are self-contained outdoor enclosures that house power distribution equipment and motor control centers. They are ideal for various applications, including power generation, oil and gas, and mining.

The demand for e-houses is driven by the need for flexible, customizable power solutions that withstand harsh environmental conditions. They are also a great way to reduce installation time and cost.

1. Better Energy Efficiency

The benefits of an energy-efficient home are countless. Aside from the obvious savings on your energy bills, you will also experience better comfort, more excellent livability, and reduced environmental impact.

Newer houses built to meet standards use about 30% less energy than traditional homes. The green building goes a step further, emphasizing using recycled materials and other sustainable practices to minimize your family’s environmental impact beyond their time living in the house.

Many new construction homes are not rated for energy efficiency because they are designed with the needs of the typical homebuyer in mind, often with less emphasis on energy-saving features. This type of home is called a “spec” or “production” home. Suppose you’re looking for a home that is highly energy efficient. In that case, you should look for signs of high performance, such as third-party certification, a recent energy audit, or upgraded HVAC systems. Also, look for energy-efficient features such as insulated windows, high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, advanced ventilation, and air filtration. These systems ensure a healthy and comfortable indoor environment by maintaining optimal temperatures throughout the year, minimizing moisture, and eliminating harmful airborne pollutants.

2. Better Indoor Air Quality

Air quality is an essential concern for anyone who wants to live comfortably. Poor indoor air quality can cause health concerns, including allergies, breathing problems, and exacerbated symptoms of existing health conditions. Air pollutants include pet dander, chemical fumes, dust, and other airborne particles that can impact those with sensitive respiratory systems. Insufficient ventilation can also increase concentrations of these pollutants by not bringing in enough fresh outdoor air to dilute them and carry them away. Green homes that incorporate sustainable features such as rainwater harvesting and water-saving fixtures minimize the effects of these contaminants.

It’s also essential to work with your designer to choose building materials that limit harmful off-gassing and VOCs, which can contribute to IAQ issues. Additionally, natural light is an effective way to kill mold and bacteria while improving the appearance of your home. Whole-house products address the health impacts of these factors to help you Breathe the Fullness of Life. This means you and your family can enjoy the comfort of a healthier home while getting better sleep and staying healthy.

3. More Space

Custom homes can incorporate various space-saving features to help families stay organized. A popular addition is a mudroom, which can serve as a place to keep coats, bags, and shoes and prevent clutter from spreading throughout the house. More spacious garages make parking more accessible, too. Alternatively, some homeowners transform garage lofts into apartment-style living spaces that can accommodate elderly parents or older children returning home or even be rented out for extra income.

A growing trend in custom eHouses is smart tech integrations. These technologically advanced amenities can simplify everyday tasks and help you save on energy costs by enabling you to monitor and control your home’s systems through an app. For example, you can use an app to set your thermostat, activate the lights and brew a pot of coffee from anywhere in the house. The options are endless, and your Iowa custom home builder can help you find the right solutions to suit your lifestyle.

4. More Flexibility

While a pre-built home may be the right option for some, building a custom house can give you the perfect living space. With a new home, you can incorporate the latest technology, including smart home devices that connect household appliances to the internet. With this system, you can remotely control everything from the lights to a security camera and even brew coffee at your fingertips!

A custom home also allows you to choose your location. While a pre-built home is in an ideal place, you prefer to live on the outskirts of town or near a park.

In addition, many custom builders are also experts in Universal Design (UD). With this system, you can design a home that accommodates everyone, regardless of age or ability. This will allow you to live comfortably in your home for years. This will also increase the value of your home for future buyers. This can be a critical consideration if you plan to sell it someday. Then you’ll be able to find a buyer who loves your home just as much as you do.

5. You Get to Decide Everything

Building a custom home allows you to consider your must-haves before they’re made a reality carefully. This allows you to avoid decision fatigue and have the best home for your unique lifestyle.

You get to decide everything from your kitchen layout to the size and placement of your windows to the flex space in your basement that will become an in-law suite in a few years. You even have the option to build in modern innovative home technology, which allows you to manage your household appliances from a single app on your phone.

The most valuable thing about any home is that it tells a story; a well-designed custom home is no exception. Every detail—how a large picture window frames an old oak tree, the timber beams salvaged from an old homestead barn nearby, or how natural light filters through old farm windows—tells a unique part of your family’s story. This imbues the house with meaning and significance that spec homes can’t match.

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