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Bear River High School Football: The Story So Far

Every Friday night, a group of determined young athletes takes to the field in a unique high school football rivalry. They proudly represent their school and community; every game is an exciting journey no one wants to miss. Welcome to Bear River High School’s thrilling football season!

This story started a few months ago, at the beginning of the 2019-2020 football season. Bear River has always had quality players and a dedicated coaching staff, but the team was ready to take things to the next level this year. Led by Head Coach Joe Hamilton, the team worked hard all summer long, practicing their skills and strategies for what was sure to be an exceptional year.

So far, Bear River’s season has been full of surprises both on and off the field – from rivalries to emotional wins and losses. This article looks at how far they’ve come since August and what might be in store for the future!

History of Bear River High School Football

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a high school football team? Bear River High School Football is no stranger to success, having won multiple state championships since its founding.

Let’s look at the history of Bear River High School Football. It all started in 1997 when the team was first founded. Since then, they have had ten championship titles in their fourteen-year history, including three consecutive championships from 2010-2012. The team has also made the playoffs for nine straight years and has never had a losing season.

For many players, Bear River High School Football provides an opportunity to excel on and off the field. On top of its successful record, the team also focuses on building strong character among its players as they strive to make their community proud. This is evidenced by their numerous philanthropic initiatives and community service projects.

It’s no wonder Bear River High School Football remains one of their division’s top teams!

The 2019 Season Performance

With a record of 11-2, 2019 was an incredible season for Bear River High School’s football team. They started with six wins, battling their way through the regular season. The team went head-to-head with opponents like Mountain Crest, Bonneville, and Canyon View, making it to the State Semifinals for the first time since 2009.

Their impressive performance didn’t go unnoticed; Bear River earned numerous awards, including MaxPreps “Team of the Week” honors and recognition as Region 12 champs. Coach Handy was even recognized as Region 12 Coach of the Year.

The team’s determination did not waver throughout their entire journey—it all paid off when they earned themselves a spot in the 3A state title game. Bear River fought hard in a thrilling finale and held their own against Spanish Fork before falling short by only 3 points at 27-30.

Though they may not have taken home the trophy this time around, there is no doubt that it was one of their most successful seasons yet!

What to Expect in the 2020 Season

The 2020 season looks bright for the Bear River High School football team! Despite their performance in the 2019 season, the Bears are determined to make their mark this year.

So what does that mean for the coming season?

Coach’s Focus

This year, Coach Peters continuously focuses on training and drills to get the team in shape and ready to take on any opponent. Every day, he pushes his players to stay motivated and practice hard, focusing on technique and form.

A Refocused Lineup

In addition, several key players from last season have returned this year with an even stronger determination to improve. With a few new faces joining them, they are ready to take things up a notch.

Stronger Defensive Line

To better protect their endzone and lock down opposing offenses, the Bear’s defense line is well-prepared this season with plenty of experience under their (loose) belts. Armored with coaches’ strategies for defensive plays and a renewed commitment for each game, they are game-day ready!

The Bear River High School Coaching Staff

When it comes to the Bear River High School Football Coaching Staff, they’ve been there and done that. With almost a century of combined coaching experience, this veteran team is ready to lead the team to victory.

The current coaching staff is made up of:

· Coach Tim Henry – Head football coach and Athletic Director. He has more than two decades of experience in coaching high school football.

· Coach Bruce Smith – Offensive coordinator and running backs coach. He’s been coaching at BRHS for five years, and his resume includes experience at the college level and in past successful high school programs.

· Coach Derek Fuller – Defensive coordinator with 15 years’ worth of experience as a high school coach in California, including four seasons as head coach at Citrus High School before coming to Bear River.

With such an experienced and dynamic coaching staff, you can be sure that all players get the best possible instruction for success on and off the field this season.

Upcoming Games and Tournaments

Bear River High School football is looking to have a great season. They have six games and a tournament lined up this year, too. Let’s take a closer look at the upcoming events:


The team has six games scheduled for the regular season, with their opponents listed below:

· September 10th: Fastwood Bears

· September 17th: Steel Hill Raiders

· September 24th: North End Tigers

· October 1st: Lincoln County Wolves

· October 8th: Cityside Panthers

· October 15th: West Hill Royals


At the end of the regular season, Bear River High School competes in the State Championship tournament, which starts on October 22nd. The winners will be determined by who wins the most throughout the game. It’s sure to be an exciting event — who knows what could happen? All we know is that the Bear River High School football team is ready for battle!

Introduction of the Bear River Football Team

Now that you know a little about the Bear River High School football team, meeting the players is time. This year’s team is filled with hard-working athletes with great heart and talent.

There’s junior quarterback Will Johnson, whose record-breaking passes are amazing to watch. His leadership on the field is inspiring to his fellow teammates and Bear River fans alike. Then there’s talented center Alexander Duval, whose blocking abilities have been instrumental in allowing Will and other offensive players to make plays down the field.

The list of standout players goes on and on, including fullback Jerry Baca who has made some impressive runs, and wide receiver Zachary White who is always reliable in catching passes. There is also Joey Tavares, an excellent defensive end who can tackle just about anything that moves. All in all, the Bear River football team consists of an incredible group of athletes that come together weekly to make their school proud.


Bear River High School football has come a long way in recent years and has already seen great success in its short history. The team has grown from a small group of dedicated players to a force to be reckoned with in the small school division. The coaching is top-notch, and the players have passion and commitment that is hard to match. Bear River will surely be a powerhouse with continued dedication to its craft in the coming years. With that, there is no doubt that the students, teachers, staff, and community of Bear River will be behind them every step of the way. Go Bears!

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