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How To Find Reliable Conveyor Belt For Modern Car Wash?  

Over the past decade, auto-related industries, including car wash, have experienced a significant uptick. The new technology, along with new car wash facilities, has completely revolutionized this industry.  

The ultimate goal is to generate repeat business in the competitive car care market. Modern customers cannot settle for less than a convenient, efficient, and clean car wash. 

Therefore, if your car wash upholds these high standards, you will see more business resulting in customer satisfaction and higher profitability. Updating your car wash is not a walk in the park, especially with the many sizes and shapes of vehicles. However, having a reliable conveyor belt for your car wash business can guarantee many unique advantages. 

Advanced conveyor belt systems have evolved, improving the car wash industry. These systems have improved the overall customer experience, too. In this piece, you shall learn some tips for finding a reliable conveyor belt for your car wash business. 

1. Research the Market 

With the many types of belt conveyors in the market, research and comparison of the available options are vital. Doing your research doesn’t stop there, as you can read reviews of each to understand what you are about to commit to.  

Products differ in price, so understand how much you are willing to pay for a conveyor belt. Also, it is imperative to talk to other people in the business and ask for advice to get valuable recommendations. 

2. What are Your Needs? 

It is worth noting that not all conveyor systems are made equal. Having some understanding of each would be helpful to you. For instance, low-profile belts are popular conveyor systems trending for entry into the advanced conveyor belt technology.  

The belt is an 8-inch low-profile dual belt system. These belts are mountable on a concrete or paved surface in coordination with a ramp-up or out system. 

Retrofit conveyor belts can fit easily into the pit of an existing under and over-belt conveyor. They are standard 16-inch wide, operating like traditional conveyors with more space for tires.  

They can work for many types of vehicles. Which conveyor do you want for smaller operations or high-volume cars? What traffic do you expect? Once you figure these out, you can get the right belt. 

3. Material Used to Make the Conveyor Belt 

Always pick durable material because the belt will be in constant use, and a robust material can withstand shocks and wear and tear. The different properties that the material should have are resistance, flexibility, heat and abrasion, and resistance to chemicals. 

Conveyor belts made of polyurethane or nylon are preferred since they are robust and chemical resistant. Belts like Soft-Kleen conveyors are made of polyurethane material. They are touted to be resistant to abrasion and chemicals. These belts are easy to clean, reducing the chances of cross-contamination. 

4. What Are The Features of These Belts? 

These conveyor belts have additional features, like anti-slip coatings and automatic lubrication systems. Some features may add to the cost of the whole system. Hence, never fear digging down your pockets, especially if the added features make the system more efficient and easier to maintain.  

Many popular belts are made from various materials like rubber and polyurethane. Such a belt is reliable because it meets many car wash applications, from self-serve to high-volume and small-volume washes. 

5. Dimensions 

Ensure you select a conveyor belt of the appropriate length and width. Considering accurate dimensions is vital for maintainability and efficiency. Getting the dimensions enables your belting representatives to rule out various constructions.  

Width and depth are some of the advances in the newer belts. The measurements help in belt customization. Different belt widths accommodate modern cars and market demands. 

6. Warranty 

A product warranty helps you achieve the best quality, even when dealing with the best supplier. Always go for the best warranty as it will protect you when the unexpected happens, like if the belt malfunctions or breaks. Always read the policy carefully before buying your conveyor belt for a car wash. 

7. Continuous Improvements 

The belted conveyor systems are improving by the day. The belt’s engineering and design have evolved into faster, more efficient solutions. That has led to less maintenance and high vehicle volume. The conveyor belt’s internal cleaning system helps lubricate and clean while operating. 

The new advancements in modern belts have caused systems to accept vehicles faster than traditional ones. Faster load times translate to more vehicles and more money. If you want a reliable conveyor belt for modern cars, choose one with the latest technology. 


Finding a conveyor belt for your car wash can be hectic. The above points are vital considerations when choosing a reliable conveyor belt for a modern car wash. You can risk your vehicles, the system, and the operators by failing to select the appropriate belts.  

Injury and damage can be evident. Find an expert opinion from reliable manufacturers and suppliers about picking the right conveyor belt for your car wash. 

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