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The 8 Best Ways to Learn Piano 

One of the best ways to spend time is to play a musical instrument. They are good for helping you relax, take away the stress, and keep you engaged. However, some, such as piano, give you more comfort since you are involved in creating different tunes that perfectly resonate with how you feel. To produce these perfect tunes, you must learn about all the keys and how to position your hand and press the keys.  

If you are serious about learning piano, you must select the best approach to learn fast and acquire the best skills. There are many ways to learn a piano; however, not all will suit you. Therefore, you should select the ideal one for your learning needs. Pick from the listed options, or you can choose to learn from multiple strategies.  

1.Learn from Apps

Another way to learn how to play the piano practice is to do it on ipads and mobile phones. If you want to learn to play piano on iPad, you must first download an app that teaches people piano or enable you to play with random keys. The apps can complement normal piano learning, or they can be the first step to learning piano before proceeding to learn practically. 

Download piano apps from the Google Play store or the Apple Store. You can play the piano virtually at all times and anywhere without restrictions. Even when playing virtually, pay attention to the keys and master how to press the keys longer or for a shorter duration to produce some sounds.  

2. Online Lessons

There are different piano experts who offer lessons online at a pay. They can tutor you through your training period until you learn and become perfect. Once you contact them, you can schedule flexible classes that you attend virtually and practically learn the piano. You can sit on the piano and follow the expert’s guidelines while playing in real-time.  

Many tutors offer online lessons; hence you can select the ideal tutor to help. You can learn from the best tutors who can train you at basic and expert levels. Due to the number of tutors, the classes are affordable, an ideal way to learn piano cheaply. Register to attend online classes with a group to help you keep the costs lower. 

3. Learn from YouTube

YouTube is where you get every video you need, including tutorials and specialized videos. On the YouTube site, all you have to do is enter the right keywords and begin learning from the expert. Once on YouTube, you can follow one of the key players and experts and learn keenly. You can also select from other content creators who upload their videos. 

The benefit of learning from YouTube is that you get special skills, such as someone teaching you how to play specific tunes. Besides YouTube, you can also follow the players and channels on other popular video sites such as TikTok, Viskit, etc. 

4. Private Lessons

If you have more cash, you can hire a private tutor to lecture you on piano. This is the best way to learn since you can interact with the tutor one-on-one, and they can help you learn perfectly and fast than other methods.   

You can also schedule video classes with them, depending on your availability. Research specific tutors online, or you can approach one of the experts and ask them to train you. Someone can also recommend you to the best private tutors to help you learn quickly. 

5. Learn from Free Websites

If you need to understand the theoretical aspects of the piano, the best place to learn is from the music website. You can learn the theoretical aspects from these websites, such as different keys, the tones they produce, and other aspects. The other advantage of websites is that you can translate the contents into the language you understand.  

You can do the practical aspects once you learn the keys, tones and the combination. Alternatively, you can read as you try them practically to boost memorability and fast learning.   

6. Music Lessons 

Schools offer different musical lessons hence ideal for you to learn freely. You can join the music club or liaise with the music teacher to guide you. Once you join the classes, you can select an instrument to play: piano or keyboard.  

In school, you have free access to the piano and can play in your free time. Since the teacher is always available, you can ask questions or seek their help anytime. Though learning may be procedural and slower, those who learn pianos from musical classes can learn how to coordinate the tunes with other instruments since they play in groups. Besides that, you can also select other instruments to learn to ensure you are diverse in playing musical instruments.  

7. Music Workshops

If you want to learn further, you can join different music workshops and camps that will enable you to learn from others. There may not be much learning in such camps and workshops, but you can meet different experts who can train you later on. Some of these events are also hosted virtually, allowing you to learn about some piano-playing cultures from other countries. 

8. Learn from a Friend

The last option is learning from that friend who loves the piano. If you have pianos at home, invite a friend to your place to teach you how to play. You can also cist their place to learn more. This is one of the best ways to learn piano without paying a dime. If you know a family embers good at it, express curiosity to learn more. 


Regardless of your learning approach, being perfect at piano requires consistency, curiosity, and a desire to learn more. Once you learn, practically repeat what you have learned and spend more time on the piano. Finally, consider multiple approaches to lean, i.e., private tutors and piano learning apps.  

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