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The Top Benefits of Using a Water Bottle Bong

The Top Benefits of Using a Water Bottle Bong

A water bottle bong can be a great way to enjoy your herb. It’s easy to make and can save you a lot of money. Seasoned people know that using water in their bongs makes for a smoother hit. They also know that the temperature of the water is important.

It’s Cheap

Using a water bottle bong is a cheap and easy way to use herb. It’s also environmentally friendly and uses natural water filtration to cool the effect, making it less harsh on the throat and lungs. First, remove the cap and any sugary drink gunk to make a water bottle bong. Then, make a bowl from aluminum foil and pack it with herb. Wrap the foil around the top of the bottle cap and punch holes to ensure air can escape as you inhale.

Next, poke a hole toward the top of the bottle with a pin or needle. This will be your carb hole. Use a toothpick to smooth the spot so you don’t get any sharp edges. Finally, add ice to the bottom of the bottle to cool down the effect and help the water filter it. Now, you’re ready to enjoy. Just remember to intake slowly so you don’t get any plastic fumes.

It’s Portable

A water bottle bong is a great option for those who want to enjoy on the go. It’s lightweight, small, and easy to store in your bag or purse when it’s not in use. Furthermore, it is gentler on the throat and lungs than taking a joint or blunt since the water filters and cools the effect. You can make a water bottle bong from just about any plastic bottle with a mouthpiece. You’ll also need a lighter, foil, a knife or pair of sharp scissors, and something to use as the bowl.  Most stoners prefer a hallowed pen tube, but you can also use your bowl. Remove the lid from your plastic bottle to make a water bottle bong. Then, cut a hole in the side of the bottle that is about a quarter of the way up from the bottom. Make sure the hole is big enough to accommodate your bowl piece.

It’s Fun

Having a water bottle bong can be a lot of fun, especially if you’re out on the road and don’t have much to do. The best part is that it’s not only inexpensive, but it also saves a lot of space. The water in the bong naturally filters and cools down the contents before it enters your lungs, making for a much smoother, healthier experience than taking out of a joint or blunt. Adding ice shavings can further increase the cooling effect, which is good for your throat and lungs. Using a knife or scissors, make a hole in the side of your water bottle, about an inch below the middle. Then place your downstem into the hole, angling it into the water. Now, take a piece of aluminum foil and create a bowl. The bowl must have a tapered shaft that tapers down into the down stem. Wrap the foil around a toothpick or skewer and form it into shape.


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