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Top Trending Genres on Foxtel Go

Foxtel Go, the streaming service that brings the best of Foxtel to your fingertips, is a treasure trove of diverse content catering to various tastes and preferences. As viewers seek a streaming experience that aligns with the latest trends and interests, Foxtel Go has positioned itself as a go-to platform. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top trending genres on Foxtel Go in USA, offering viewers an insight into the diverse and dynamic world of content available on the platform.

Crime and Mystery:

Crime and mystery genres continue to captivate audiences, and Foxtel Go delivers an array of thrilling options. From gripping detective series to suspenseful true crime documentaries, viewers can delve into captivating narratives that keep them on the edge of their seats. Foxtel Go’s extensive library ensures that crime enthusiasts have a wealth of options to choose from, featuring both classic and contemporary titles.

Drama Series:

Foxtel Go boasts a rich collection of drama series that spans various themes and settings. From period dramas to contemporary tales of love and conflict, viewers can immerse themselves in well-crafted narratives brought to life by talented actors. The platform provides a mix of international hits and Foxtel Originals, ensuring that drama lovers have access to the latest and greatest in scripted television.

Reality TV:

Reality TV remains a perennial favorite, and Foxtel Go caters to fans of this genre with an abundance of options. From reality competitions to lifestyle and travel shows, the platform provides a diverse range of reality content. Viewers can indulge in guilty pleasures, follow real-life drama, and experience the excitement of competition, all from the comfort of their screens.

Comedy Specials:

Laughter is timeless, and Foxtel Go recognizes the enduring appeal of comedy. The platform features a collection of stand-up specials, sketch comedies, and sitcoms that cater to a spectrum of comedic tastes. Whether viewers prefer witty banter, clever observations, or laugh-out-loud performances, Foxtel Go ensures that comedy enthusiasts are well-served.

Science Fiction and Fantasy:

The allure of otherworldly adventures and fantastical realms remains strong, and Foxtel Go brings science fiction and fantasy to the forefront. From epic space operas to magical realms, viewers can explore imaginative worlds and embark on thrilling journeys. Foxtel Go’s curated selection ensures that sci-fi and fantasy fans can discover both classic and cutting-edge titles.


The appetite for documentaries continues to grow, and Foxtel Go addresses this trend with a diverse range of factual programming. From nature documentaries to thought-provoking exposés, viewers can expand their knowledge and explore real-world stories. Foxtel Go’s documentary lineup covers a broad spectrum of topics, offering something for every inquisitive mind.

Home and Garden:

With an increasing interest in home improvement and lifestyle content, Foxtel Go features a variety of home and garden shows. Viewers can glean inspiration from renovation projects, discover gardening tips, and explore the world of interior design. The platform’s home and garden content caters to those looking to enhance their living spaces and cultivate their personal style.

Sports and Fitness:

Foxtel Go acknowledges the importance of staying active and engaged, offering a selection of sports and fitness content. From live sports events to workout routines and sports documentaries, the platform provides options for both sports enthusiasts and those seeking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Foxtel Go’s sports and fitness programming ensures that viewers can stay connected to their favorite sports and activities.

Cooking Shows and Culinary Adventures:

The culinary genre is a delectable highlight on Foxtel Go, featuring cooking shows, culinary competitions, and gastronomic adventures. Viewers can embark on a flavorful journey with renowned chefs, explore diverse cuisines, and pick up cooking tips from the experts. Foxtel Go’s culinary content caters to both food enthusiasts and aspiring home cooks.

Historical Dramas:

Historical dramas transport viewers to different eras, offering a blend of entertainment and education. Foxtel Go’s collection of historical dramas spans various time periods and events, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of history. From royal intrigues to epoch-defining moments, historical drama enthusiasts can find compelling narratives on the platform.


Foxtel Go’s commitment to providing diverse and trending content makes it a versatile streaming platform catering to a broad audience. Whether viewers are drawn to the excitement of crime mysteries, the laughter of comedy specials, or the immersive worlds of science fiction, Foxtel Go ensures there’s something for everyone. With a mix of international hits, Foxtel Originals, and a curated selection of genres, Foxtel Go remains at the forefront of the streaming landscape, delivering the latest and greatest in entertainment trends. As viewers seek variety, quality, and accessibility, Foxtel Go stands ready to meet their streaming desires, offering an ever-evolving catalog of top trending genres.

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